Fire Protection Engineers

Fire protection engineers base their design, controls, etc. on the 100% chance that a fire will occur. Is this always a fair assumption? Check out today’s article for an example of unforeseen ignition sources! #fireprotection #lifesafety

Fire Protection Engineers (FPEs) are Subject Matter Experts

Fire Protection Engineers (FPEs) are subject matter experts in design of fire protection systems, life safety, and acceptance testing. The Department of Defense requires FPE involvement to ensure that government facilities are adequately protected! This week, we’re looking at when it’s necessary to pull in an FPE for DOD projects. #FEC#lifesafety While involving a Fire Protection […]

Rack Storage – How Much do you know?

Rack Storage

How much do you know about racks?? There are often common themes in fire incidents and the fire protection industry continues to evolve as these themes are recognized. In fact, many changes to the fire protection codes and standards are a result of fire accidents and the lessons learned. A major theme that has risen […]

Key Questions to Ask When Doing a Hazardous Analysis

There are certain occupancies that require more robust designs and safety protocols to ensure building commodities and occupants are adequately protected. Storage and hazardous occupancies have nuances that can be difficult to grasp if you haven’t spent a lot of time in their related code sections. In our last article “Importance of Getting a Second […]

A Second Opinion To Help Get Commodity Classifications Right

Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) have a tough, often thankless, and occasionally begrudged job—to uphold public safety and sometimes that means asking the hard questions or saying no. The challenges that accompany this important position are numerous—something our founder and Principal Engineer Ralph, who spent nearly 20 years as an AHJ, knows all too well. Often, […]