Foster Engineering & Consulting, LLC works on the full range of building occupancies, project sizes, and both public and private sector projects. Foster Engineering & Consulting, LLC provides an array of services:

    • Design and analysis of fire suppression systems (water-based, foam, dry chemical, and gaseous extinguishing systems);
    • Design and analysis of fire detection and alarm systems;
    • Design and analysis smoke control and management systems;
    • Egress analysis, modeling and evacuation planning;
    • Design document review for compliance with national standards and local codes;
    • Facility review for code compliance and hazard assessment;
    • Design and analysis of fire resistance assemblies and structural fire proofing;
    • Analyzing existing facilities for code compliance after a change of occupancy, addition or major renovation; and
    • Trouble shooting existing installations to diagnose problems and develop solutions.

We pride ourselves in designs with the highest life safety standard possible and ensuring you receive the highest quality of services available. As a small firm, we are more responsive to our customers and we are committed to their satisfaction.

We Engineer Fire and Life Safety!

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